Company Profile

About EpiWorld

Epiworld International Co.,Ltd LTD is a privately held company registered in the city of Xiamen, China. We are a joint venture with investors from the United States, Japan and China, equipped with multiple most advanced epitaxial systems for 3", 4", and 6" SiC epitaxy, auto defect identification and mapping system in a class-100 cleanroom. Its mission is to be the leading SiC epitaxial service foundry in the global market, providing the highest quality epitaxial wafers with the most competitive price in the shortest delivery time. As a pure play SiC epitaxial service foundry, we provide standard 4H-SiC epitaxial wafers of 3" , 4"and 6" for Schottky diodes, MOSFETs, JFETs, and BJTs over a wide voltage range for green energy systems such as solar inverters, wind farms, hybrid and electric vehicles, and numerous other energy-efficient systems. We also provide customized wafers for IGBTs, GTO thyristors, and R&D structures over a wider voltage range for medium to very high voltage power conversion system applications.


Creating Epiworld International Co.,Ltd brand, leading SiC epitaxial world.


Epiworld International Co.,Ltd sets its mission as being an enterprise which could push the quick development of Silicon Carbide Industry with its own key technology proprietary intellectual property rights. Trying to create Chinese Silicon valley, Epiworld International Co.,Ltd set constructing of low-carbon society as its duty along with the mission of becoming the leading horse at new type energy saving enterprises.

EpiWorld Team

The technical team of Epiworld International Co.,Ltd was made up by top technical experts at silicon carbide semiconductors field from domestic and overseas who had owned over 60 years experiences at silicon carbide research and productions. The technical team was honored as“The top entrepreneurial innovative team” at Fujian province in 2012. In the meantime, the key members of the technical team were also honored as “Xiamen top overseas entrepreneurial talents” and “the leading entrepreneurial talents”. 

Managerial Principles

  • Developing low carbon industry with the key technology
  • Serving worldwide customers with high end products
  • Benefiting staffs with humanistic caring

Examples of the Managerial Principles

  • Quality Control Management

    1.Insisting customer-oriented concept; Concerning customers’ needs constantly; Bettering product quality continually.

    2.Satisfying customers 100% with good quality products via applying professional team, advanced equipment and efficient quality controlling methods.

  • Environmental Management

    1. Strictly follow the environmental laws, regulations and other requirements.

    2. Preventive actions were taken for production effluent, offgas, noise and wastes in order to decrease or avoid the negative effect on environment based on energy and resource saving oriented.

    3. Setting constructing of low-carbon society as its duty; improving our environmental performance continually ; benefiting our sustainable development society for human beings.

  • Safety and Health Management

    1.Strictly follow the Safety and Health laws, regulations and other requirements.

    2.Informing all the staff and related parties about the potential unsafe and unhealthy concerns, providing them with safety and healthy working environment and protection; avoiding or decreasing injury happenings.